We offer only top quality brands, including:

  • Gunnebo:- G80 and G100 lifting equipment 
  • Van Beest:- green pin shackles, turnbuckles, sockets
  • Elephant:- chain/lever blocks, electric hoists
  • Hitachi:- electric hoists, travelling trolleys
  • Yoke:- lifting equipment
  • Crosby:- pulley/snatch blocks, sockets, turnbuckles, hooks
  • Showa Chain:- lifting chain
  • QualityEquipment:- NZ made and manufactured ropes 
  • QSI:- NZ made and manufactured  height safety gear
  • PBI:- height and safety equipment
  • DSR:- wire and fibre ropes, web and round slings
  • PWB:- mooring chains, lifting chains
  • KITO:- chain blocks, air hoists, lever blocks and travelling trolleys
  • Manho:- stockists of the world’s leading wire rope manufacturers
  • Usha Martin:- stockists of the world’s leading wire rope manufacturers
  • Fineline:- yachting braids
  • Donaghys:- mooring rope, braids, polyprops, manila rope, waxed twine
  • TALURIT:- mastering mechanical splicing of wire ropes and suppliers of the tapered feral with inspection holes
  • Petzl:- industrial height and safety equipment

Our exciting new showroom will feature marine hardware, floats, boat winches, braided ropes, height safety gear and much much more!

We also sell to the public!

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